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Committee Members: 

Kendra Van Cleef, President, Nathan Martin, Vice President, Roger Corley, Treasurer,

Joy Juderman, Victor Dennis, Rebekah Gauthier & Thomas Davis.


On November 11, 2014 Kendra Van Cleef created the "Save the Dairy Barn at Buhlow Lake" page on Facebook. Within a week there were over 3,000 likes  and currently the page is closing in on 12,000 people who LOVE this beautiful Pineville icon! At the same time Nathan Martin, Pastor of Christian Challenge and Pineville City Councilman had concerns about the barn and had already inquired about the barn to Mr. Tom David. So with great interest in the barn we have formed a committee to explore possible uses for the barn, cost of restoration and somehow get enough support to get this beautiful piece of history saved from collapse. 

The bar has never been in danger of being demolished, no one wants to destroy it. Our primary concern is the deterioration due to weather, and the lack of a plan for its restoration and use.  It has been in the top ten "Most Endangered Historic Buildings in Louisiana"

The committee met with Ron Williams, the CEO of Central Louisiana State Hospital, and members of his staff January 2015 

and our journey began! Our Facebook page has had the attention of Department of Health Hospital in Baton Rouge, and many politicians!  They are aware of our efforts. Since that first meeting we have raised over $55000.00 and have completed Phase 1! We have continued to work and raise awareness of the historic barn, fundraising and talking to legislators.

We have had Lt. Gov. Billy Nunguesser attend one of our fundraising events and donate Louisiana Seafood to our last fundraiser Red, White & Barn. We are very blessed to have the support from State Legislators:

Senator Jay Luneau, State Representatives Mike Johnson & Lance Harris.

We were recipients of the funds needed to restore the exterior of the Dairy Barn and Phase 2 "The Roof" will begin soon!

We believe the barn is a magnificent site for numerous

reasons. Our children deserve to enjoy it's majestic beauty and learn from its historic history. 

Our Mission

It is simple, Save the Dairy Barn at Buhlow Lake! We have not wavered from our mission. 

Mail your Donation to:

Save The Dairy Barn

1414 Jackson St

Alexandria, LA 71301

Our Vision

A completely restored 

Dairy Barn at Buhlow Lake

We Need Your Support Today!

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